SAPPHIRE NOW Day 1 - Round Up
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SAPPHIRE NOW Day 1 - Round Up

Veröffentlicht von: Owain Wood 9 Nov 11 - 8:54  | Owain Wood

On the first day of SAPPHIRE NOW in Madrid, Jim Hagemann Snabe, CO-CEO of SAP, used his keynote address to say that SAP is innovating very quickly within four keys areas:

  • Core business suite
  • Mobile computing
  • Cloud computing 
  • In-memory computing (HANA)

In all four categories, SAP is aiming at breakthrough innovation without disruption by combining the simplicity of cloud, the ability of mobile to empower people to work anywhere, and the ability of in-memory to analyze data in real time.

"Apple simple and Google fast," is how one SAP customer recently described it, said Snabe, prompting several user on Twitter to start spreading: Apple Simple, Google Fast & SAP [feel free to fill in the blank in our comment box] . 

Watch the opening Keynote here, featuring Gabriel Byrne.

Elsewhere SAP is introducing SAP Store for mobile apps, an “enterprise ready” app store that offers the ease of use and familiarity of a consumer app store and addresses the unique needs of enterprise customers. 

SAP Store is available both via website and through an on-device version for iOS called “SAP Mobile Apps,” with Android, BlackBerry and other operating systems to follow. 

SAP also admitted that it's late entry to the Cloud, meant that there had been a slow uptake on Business By Design but was now running at over 700 customers having had only 40 in 2009.

A study by the SAP User Group earlier this year showed that 58% of customers believed there was a lack of clarity regarding SAP's Cloud road map.  

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Quote of the Day

 "Afaria is the shizznit"-  Yariv Zur (@vlvl) via James Governor (@monkchips) on Twitter

Video of the Day

Jim Hagemann Snabe mentioned this Tesco case study in his Keynote this morning

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